The NHS Is Not For Sale


5 responses to “The NHS Is Not For Sale

  1. stephen summitt

    Whatever happened to family-friendly blogging?

  2. I don’t know but don’t expect to find it here!

  3. moelarrythecheese

    That’s despicably abominable. I thought you English were refined. How opprobrious!

  4. moelarrythecheese

    Greetings I AM NOT A NUMBER. Could you please explain to uninformed blogosphereans like myself what the beef is with this Andrew Lansley fellow.

    • He’s the Health Secretary and he’s proposing changes to our health system that many of us feel undermines the concept of health care “free at the point of need”. We believe the Tories real agenda is to privatise huge chunks of the NHS so owners of capital can make profit from the health problems of other human beings. Something I for one find morally abhorrent. Human health is not a commodity to be traded like coffee.

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