Stop The Excution Of Troy Davis!



7 responses to “Stop The Excution Of Troy Davis!

  1. Before jumping to conclusions please jump to and read the following links found on the site:



    Consider this quote from the above-listed link:
    “Crime lab tests proved that the shell casings recovered from the shooting of Michael Cooper at a party earlier in the evening were fired from the same weapon as the casings recovered from the scene of Officer Mark MacPhail’s murder. Davis was convicted of shooting Cooper.”
    Question: To my recollection, of the people executed in the US in the recent past all of them have been white and yet I don’t remember Amnesty International making a fuss about them. I suppose that for AI the color of one’s skin makes a difference. If one is a member of the former slave-owning oppressive white power structure (the Power that Be) then they don’t deserve any help. Day on der owns. For members of Amnesty International it ain’t Cool to help members of the power elite, it’s only Cool and Politically Correct to help the oppressed “minorities.” Then these white self-righteous AI members who consider themselves to be the saviors of Mankind can feel so good about themselves and can feel worthy of shedding the guilt trip bestowed upon them by their evil white forebears.

  2. You must admit “the Mutha” is biased.

    • Mother Jones clearly has a point of view – but so do you. The Right has this great way of describing anything they disagree with as biased and everything they agree with as ‘fair & balanced’. We are all approaching these issues from an underlying ideological point of view. Perhaps the difference between Mother Jones or Red Pepper over here is they don’t pretend otherwise – unlike FOX…. but we’ve been there before.

  3. Oh my gracious you scare me when you yell.

  4. What? No rebuttal? Well then, I take it sir that you concede!?

  5. Hurry up and OFF the jerk.

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