We’re All In This Together!?

In 2000, average earnings for the chief executive of a top FTSE 100 company were £900,000 a year, a remarkable 47 times the average salary in Britain (£19k). By 2010 FTSE 100 executives were on a average income of £2.3m a year, a thumping 88 times the earnings of the average worker (£26k).


6 responses to “We’re All In This Together!?

  1. What we need to do is find out what those rich people want to buy and sell it to them. Keep the money circulating.

  2. YOU know. Like bogus antiques.

  3. The rich people tend to want to buy large tracts of agricultural land on the edge of cities, seeking to gain profits through getting planning permission for them.

    They also like to buy cheap housiong and office space in inner city areas and then let the buildings crumble through disrepair, so getting permission to demolish them and build from scratch

    The reality is that the rich simply don’t spend that large a proportion of their money as ordinary people do. What they do spend more on tends to be school fees and medical insurance.

  4. and that is why they buy green lots of belt land and buildings in depressed areas. They are not stupid enough to put their money in banks like us lot.

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