Join the NHS vigil online

Your photo is  urgently needed for the NHS Vigil on Tuesday when the proposals to destroy the NHS are being debated in Parliament. The photographs of supporters of the NHS  are being combined together to form a large mosaic. More information about this and the vigil for the NHS can  be found at this link . You need to this now or over the weekend – please spread the word!


8 responses to “Join the NHS vigil online

  1. I wish I could find out if they used my picture. I’d like to see where I ended up in the mosaic.

  2. When I submitted my photo I used the postal code for Bath Spa University. Is that OK?

  3. I went to the website, but of course there are zillions of pictures. It would be nice if you could do a name search.

  4. I waded through that whole batch of pictures and I didn’t see mine or yours. I can understand them not wanting my ugly mug. What’s your excuse?

  5. Regards for composing “Join the NHS vigil online |
    I Am Not A Number”. I personallymight definitely end up being coming back for far more reading and commenting here soon.
    Thank you, Salvatore

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