The next step for all of us?

Wage slavery, and the educational system that precedes it implies power held by the leader. Without power the leader is inept. The possession of power inevitably leads to corruption… in spite of… good intentions … [Leadership means] power of initiative, this sense of responsibility, the self-respect which comes from expressed manhood, is taken from the men, and consolidated in the leader. The sum of their initiative, their responsibility, their self-respect becomes his … [and the] order and system he maintains is based upon the suppression of the men, from being independent thinkers into being ‘the men’ … In a word, he is compelled to become an autocrat and a foe to democracy. For the “leader”, such marginalisation can be beneficial, for a leader sees no need for any high level of intelligence in the rank and file, except to applaud his actions. Indeed such intelligence from his point of view, by breeding criticism and opposition, is an obstacle and causes confusion.”

The Miners Next Step, Noah Ablett, Tonypandy, S.Wales. 1912

What an incredible document this almost forgotten pamphlet is – and written in Tonypandy, the home town of my own lovely wife!

The whole pamphlet can be found here The Miners Next step – 1912


5 responses to “The next step for all of us?

  1. I must admit Noah Ablett makes sense. You don’t by chance have access to the whole pamphlet do you?
    By the way VIVA Tonypandy!

  2. Was it there before and I didn’t see it? I’m really not stoopid OK? No really, I’m not stoopid.

  3. I knew I wasn’t stupid. Thanks, I saved the pamphlet to my desktop.

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