Cultures Of Resistance

This is a work of video art by Iranian artist Shoja Azira. It’s called the Coffee House Painting and is a video reinterpretation of a 1920’s Persian painting of The Day Of Judgement. This is amazing. Like nothing I have ever seen.

I came across it in the feature length documentary, Cultures Of Resistance which is a an inspiring world tour of creative activism from the Congo to Iran and all points between.


3 responses to “Cultures Of Resistance

  1. Would you say that this is Iranian propaganda?

    • Well, hardly. It’s pro Palestinian and anti-American but that doesn’t make it “Iranian propaganda”. The Iranian State had nothing to do with it’s production, on the contrary the artist has lived in New York for many years after fleeing Iran because he was critical of the Mullah’s. In effect he’a a political exile from the Iranian government. Is it so incredible that someone could criticise the USA without being a paid lackey of “the enemy”?

  2. No, totally credible. It happens all the time.

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