Free Jeremy Hammond

This American Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond is facing decades in prison for whistle blowing the activities of U.S. security company Stratfor. This You Tube clip explains why Stratfor’s activities needed the whistle blowing on their activities and why Hammond’s activities are in the defence of democracy rather than an attack on it. If you can spare a few quid please donate to Hammonds legal defence fund.


3 responses to “Free Jeremy Hammond

  1. moelarrythecheese

    What Jeremy Hammond did was the equivalent of breaking into a private home or office and stealing private property. He and that creep Assange should go to jail. Apparently Assange is only willing to snitch on countries with humane judicial/law enforcement institutions. He doesn’t have the guts to snitch on, say, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea – to name a few – because he knows that if he did he would quickly die of unnatural causes. As for Jeremy Hammond I will willingly donate a subscription to Reader’s Digest so he won’t get totally bored in his jail cell.

    • Well actually what Jeremy Hammond did was the equivalent of breaking into the private home or office of a gangster and reclaiming stolen goods and returning them to their rightful owners. Which is an entirely different kettle of moral fish.

  2. That’s a twist. Have you thought about becoming a defense attorney?

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