Community In Action

I’ve just been building an on-line archive of a big community theatre venture I produced and directed a few years back.

It can be found at

It is undoubtedly the thing I am most proud of in my entire career – and none of us got paid. But it was a living embodiment of my political views as a community worked so hard together to make it happen. The doing of it was indeed more important than the output – although the output was pretty amazing if I say so myself.

It’s also perhaps surprising because it is a retelling of the Christian founding myths and I’m not a Christian. I did occasionally wonder what I was doing putting so much time and effort into producing such high quality Christian propaganda – which is what the Medieval Mystery Plays were – but these doubts were crushed by the power of the community spirit that overcame everyone involved.

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One response to “Community In Action

  1. I was privileged to see the repeat performance at Blockley in 2004, and thought that ther plays were brilliant: direction, acting and atmosphere were great. I am not religious, let alone Christian, but the values embodied in the stories were inspiring and transcend any mere religion. so thank you!

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