A work of genius!!!!!

And this my friends is a work of pure genius! See my own post On Swearing for a dryer but hopefully no less amusing philosophical discourse on the subject.



5 responses to “A work of genius!!!!!

  1. A work of genius? I would say that that assessment is a bit hyperbolic. However, it was amusing. Remember, Bob Hope was able to be funny without using foul language.

    • Yeah but Bob Hope was a c*nt!

      He wasn’t actually, he was very funny, but I couldn’t resist it.

      I’ve just been catching up on Michael Moore’s 1999/2000 TV show, The Awful Truth. It is brilliant. No doubt you would disagree but then you’re ano I’m won’t go there.

      All the best

      Chris Jury

  2. I read IANAN’s article entitled “On Swearing” which he posted on August 27, 2010. I must commend him on giving the topic of swearing “a proper thrashing.” He just about “covered all the bases.” Also, I suppose that it shouldn’t be surprising that he injected politics into the discussion considering that this is a political blog. And – lo and behold – his political comments have a commie flavor – so predictable.
    I have been complimented on hardly ever swearing (a sign of bourgeois refinement, I assume). However, there is one four letter word that I shall, on rare occasions, utter as the situation warrants. In German that word is “scheiss,” in French it is “le poopoo,” and in Japanese it is “kaka kaki.” However, I employ the English version, namely “shit.” By uttering the word in times of adversity, I find that it actually delivers a feeling of satisfaction and stress relief. For some reason IANAN made no mention of the word. I guess it was too embarrassing for him.
    By the way, I would like to task IANAN to explain why “bloody” was such a bad word in the UK. Additionally, where did it originate and what does it mean? We are curious.

    • Nobody bleeding knows! Here’s three contradictory answers from the frigging internet.

      Bloody used to be a swear word in England but has now evolved. It was said to be used by Queen Elizabeth I to refer to her sister as Bloody Mary for the Queen Mary Tudor has killed many Protestants. It was originally used to describe horrible situation that can cause a bloody sight, then switch to a commonly used “swear” word.

      Bloody is a swear word in UK, because it means blasphemy relating to Virgin Mary or Jesus, a minced oath or a smear against Charlemagne. It also means damned. Bloody has been a British swear word since at least 1676. It is connected with “bloods” in the sense of “rowdy young aristocrats”.

      All the best

      Chris Jury

  3. Yes, I can understand the confusion. Thank you for your efforts. It’s just a bloody mess.

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