Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Dead, Dead, Dead!

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Dead, Dead, Dead!

Maggie; Dead!

Maggie; Dead!

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Dead, Dead, Dead!


7 responses to “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Dead, Dead, Dead!

  1. Chris Gresham

    At long last!

  2. Don’t forget folks that part of the reason for Thatcher’s success during the 1980s was the woefully poor Labour opposition. Like it or not, she was a conviction politician who was certainly clear about what she wanted to change, particularly in the field of industrial relations. Why didn’t Blair or Brown ‘recover’ the Thatcher/Major employment law reforms?

    • Indeed! That’s because Brown & Blair basically picked up her baton & ran with it. New Labour was/is a Neoliberal capitalist party who continued the Thatcher/Major privatisation and marketisation of everything (See The Plot Against the NHS by Stewart Player and Colin Leys).

      And yes Thatcher was “a conviction politician who was certainly clear about what she wanted to change” – as was Stalin, Hitler, Pinochet, Saddam Hussainneed I go on? It is constantly asserted in the Media that the British want/need a ‘strong leader’ but as an anarchist I am very wary of them.

      That being said Thatcher never won a majority of voters and it is undoubtedly true that it was the SDP break away from the Labour Party that split the anti-Tory vote and allowed her to remain in power for so long. Throughout her reign more people voted against her than for her at every election. Just like the ConDems today Thatcher did not have a mandate for the policies she inflicted on this country and, just like today, it was the ‘liberal’ centre that allowed her to do what she did by splitting the non-Conservative vote.

      At least Thatcher actually won elections in our system of elected Plutocrats! And as the ConDems dismantle the Welfare State we should remember that they did not even ‘win’ an election and that despite 30 years of relentless Neoliberal propaganda from the media, even in 2010 more people voted for Labour and the LibDems than the Conservatives.

      The electorate of this country is simply not Conservative and it is classic Neoliberal strategy to use a crisis to impose profound ideologically driven change in spite of the views of the population. (See The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein)

  3. Craig McTaggart

    Yes thats a good considered discussion . Thatcher was another life time ago we need to discuss whats happening now . BORING !!
    “Move on people …. nothing to see here …. “

    • Not true. The issue here is that the right wing press and The Tories are valorising Maggie as the ‘saviour’ of Britain. By association the idea is that Cameron’s Tories are merely completing her sacred and blessed work. So the way the Left react to her death is not looking backwards it is about politics today. It has to be made clear to citizens, and especially the young, that Thatcher’s ‘legacy’ is highly contested as were her policies at the time.

      I hope Wednesday is marked by demonstrations, resistance and protests not because of politics in the ’80’s but because of politics today and the near future.

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