Glenda Jackson’s Tribute To Baroness Thatcher!

This is the only thing on my mind today. And it will be on my mind for
days, month’s and years.
A woman’s courage to stand up, under the eye of the nation, and make
the most eloquent and impassioned speech, voicing, for those of us less
able, the thoughts of millions of people in this country at this time.
Long live Glenda Jackson, and please share with as many friends as

Feargus Dunlop


2 responses to “Glenda Jackson’s Tribute To Baroness Thatcher!

  1. The wonderful Glenda Jackson saying it like it is! Funny (not) how so many of them refuse to accept the truth.

  2. Craig McTaggart

    I agreed with everthing Ms Jackson said . I also agreed with it exactly 22 years ago . As a father of teenagers and wondering what sort of world their goinng to grow up in Im more worried about the future.

    Yes when I was their age Thatcher made my life sh+t but that was then this is now .

    What Im more concerned about is we now have a dept PM you claims to belong to a “Social Liberal Democratic ” Party,

    What worries me is those three word above discribe me in a nut shell and yet they do not in any way discribe Mr Clegg . A man who has done more damage to British public life in the last threes years than anyone what with hes lies and undemocratic stance on Europe.

    That is now . Thatcher is just a carass .

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