Support the Spirit Level Film

UntitledProduction of the film of the book The Spirit Level is continues apace.images Many of us supported the campaign last year and helped launch the project with a bang. It’s thanks to our collective work together that the project has got this far. When we launched we managed to make a huge noise online, and raised enough money to finance these first important shoots.

Today the  Equality Trust is launching a short clip of just some of the interviews they’ve managed to secure so far. You can help promote the film by simply taking time to share this clip with your friends, colleagues and online networks today.

The finished film is available to pre-buy as a download, and if just 2,000 people buy it in advance, we can complete the UK leg of the film. The more people see it, the more likely we are to reach those who can help us. Our community is bigger now than ever before, which gives us a great opportunity to get the message out – so please share far and wide!


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