Anti Acadamies Alliance –

The Little Shit‘s flagship policy of Academies & Free Schools is falling apart around him. His plan of reducing costs by allowing schools to be led by ‘business people’ and pupils taught by untrained teachers is proving to be the disaster anyone except The Little Shit himself could have predicted.

Since the start of term we’ve had untrained Head Teachers of Academies and Free Schools stepping down all over the country from Gloucester to Selsy. In the last three weeks alone we have seen:

An Education Funding Agency (EFA) report reveals allegations of financial irregularities and even possible fraud at Kings Science Academy in Bradford. A Free School.

The headteacher of Discovery New School in Crawley has agreed to step down as soon as possible after failing to create an adequate improvement plan for the school.

Annaliese Briggs, a 27-year-old headteacher, quit after she was controversially appointed to take over, Pimlico Primary, a free school, despite having no teaching qualifications and little experience in running a school. The new free school is sponsored by the Future Academies charity set up by Lord Nash, a junior schools minister and one of The Little Shit’s closest allies.

The Ofsted Report of the Al-Madinah Free School in Derby is perhaps the worst Ofsted Report you will ever read…

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a school that requires special measures.

This school is dysfunctional. The basic systems and processes a school needs to operate well are not in place.

This is a school which has been set up and run by representatives of the community with limited knowledge and experience. Leadership and management, including governance, are inadequate and have been unable to improve the school.

The school has not been adequately monitored or supported.

Pupils’ achievement is inadequate because the staff’s expectations are too low and pupils do not make enough progress.

Teaching is inadequate. Many teachers are inexperienced and have not received the training and support they need.

In many lessons, pupils are given the same work to do regardless of their different abilities.

Behaviour and safety are inadequate because attendance is low and declining.

Procedures for ensuring pupils are safe do not meet requirements.

The governing body is ineffective. Until recently, the governing body had not appreciated how poor pupils’ experiences are. The school’s finances are not properly managed and the usual safe recruitment processes have not been followed.

Running successful schools is in fact extremely difficult and requires training, experience and commitment to educational not capitalist values.

And schools are increasingly, and increasingly successfully, resisting becoming Academies despite the relentless pressure and intimidation by Ofsted, The Little Shit himself and the Dep. Of Education.

You can find out more details about the shambles of Academies & Free Schools at The Anti Acadamies Alliance website.



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