Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

This is brilliant!

Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

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4 responses to “Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

  1. Every living thing in the history of life on Earth has been or is now a CONSUMER. This video addressed advertising by companies but didn’t address advertising by political parties which can certainly lead to undesirable outcomes.

    • Don’t talk nonsense! To be a Consumer has a very specific meaning that is clearly distinct from simply ‘consuming’ in the sense of using up resources. Indeed, the modern usage of the word ‘Consumer’ was in fact defined by advertising companies in the 1930’s.

  2. The advertising companies could have used the term “victim.”

    • Be more accurate certainly. Many of the techniques of the Nazi’s and Stalin were adapted from U.S. advertising theory from the ’30’s and in turn after the war advertisers took heed of the success of the great dictators to develop the mass advertising techniques of the post war period.

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