The news is written by the victors

Hundreds of Thousands Fill the Streets to Protest Austerity in Madrid, Spainfe532432-750x400

Protesters have been organizing massive marches for weeks in cities around Spain, but on March 22nd, they all converged on Madrid, the nation’s Capitol and held a demonstration so large that the city was effectively shut down for several days. Estimates from reporters on the scene have protesters numbering in the hundreds of thousands, coming from across the country to the heart of the city from six different directions.

Meanwhile on our mainstream news we hear hours and hours and hours about a missing plane and how evil the Ruskies are. Both of which are clearly newsworthy but then is a demonstration involving hundreds of thousands that closes down a major European capital for several days not news?

The truth is that Neoliberal capitalism and the ruling elite that are trying to impose it globally in their own interests, are facing massive popular resistance across the globe on a daily basis – but you would never know this if you watched mainstream news. By adopting the ‘entertainment’ values of  spectacle, melodrama and shock the mainstream news ends up being as much of a diversion from reality as the spectacular entertainment shows such as X Factor, Big Brother et al. And thus rather than educating the electorate to be able to make informed democrat decisions, the media, sometimes unwittingly, ends up acting as a propaganda machine for the ruling elite.


About I Am Not A Number

I Am Not A Number is written by Chris Jury. For 30 years Chris Jury was a TV actor, director and writer best known for playing Eric Catchpole in over 60 episodes of the BBC’s antique classic, Lovejoy, and for directing over 50 episodes of Eastenders. In 2008 he was appointed as the Senior Lecturer in Recorded Media in the School Of Music & Performing Arts at Bath Spa University. He currently presents, Agitpop, a pop & politics radio discussion programme on North Cotswold Community Radio He is currently the Communications Officer for UCU at Bath Spa University and a UCU SW Regional Rep at SWTUC.
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4 Responses to The news is written by the victors

  1. Chris Gresham says:

    I tend to watch the “Euronews” channel. At least you (seem to) get a full spectrum of what’s happening in Europe/UK – rather than the biased viewpoint shown by mainstream media.

    As for mass protesting – I, for one, would like to see it in this country. Obviously the current non-elected clowns don’t want that to happen, and certainly don’t want the “proles” getting ideas after seeing what people-power is capable of in other European countries.

    Having said that, would the majority of British march? Sadly I fear not. The current 21st century attitude in Britain seems one of total apathy. Obviously it’s far more important who wins the next series of X-Factor than the country’s future! Which is tragic…

  2. Steve says:

    I just did a quick search on the CBS affiliate radio/television station website. The latest entry for news regarding Spain was about 5 months ago. One would think that shutting down Madrid would be as interesting as hearing that one local city, finally, has their motorcycle police out in full force?!? Over here, we tend to watch BBC & DW to get more information on our National goings on.

  3. Steve says:

    My worthless opinion is that to know what’s going on here, I/we need to look elsewhere for news. Advertising, politics, & domestic news have one thing in common…………”Trust us, we’re telling the truth”. The rest of the world seems willing to “offer more information”……… warts & all. Regarding out local affiliate station. 5ish months, given events in Spain, is a while to go with nothing covered in their International news listing. Their idea of news (& the most recent covered) is about an American getting gored in Pamplona, & a small piece about a Spanish motorcycle racer running an event at Laguna Seca. I get more from family I have in southern Spain (tiny village).

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