Dissolve Left unity Says Lead speaker – I agree


I agree with this in the Morning Star. My membership number of Left Unity was 22 and I went to the first conference. But I left soon after as I think the last thing the Left needs is another political party.

An organisation that unites the Left yes but not yet another faction! What Corbyn’s has shown is that despite 20 years of Blairism the soul of the Labour Party is still Democratic Socialist and is worth fighting for. I was in the Labour Party in the 80’s but left as the Right took over. My gratitude now is to all those on the Left who stayed in the LP and who form the organising base for us new Corbynites. I’ve been reading up the history of the LP since I rejoined – I’m reading Ralph Milibands Parliamentary Socialism at the moment – and what is clear is that this left/right moderate/extremist split has been at the core of the party from the beginning. And that most surprisingly it has always been expressed in startling similar rhetoric. People talk about Kier Hardie wearing a flat cap to parliament but at the same time Mcdonald couldn’t wait to kiss the king’s ring – probably literally. The revolutionary Left in the UK has never been a serious contender for power although it’s theoretical and cultural impact has been substantial so currently, for me the LP is the best hope for bringing an end to the Neoliberal era and reinspiring the UK population to demand progressive political change.


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