We’ve been here before folks.

Below is the famous poster by Frank Horrabin from the May 1929 Election Campaign. The Conservatives fought the campaign on a ‘Safety First’ agenda promising stability and security at a time of widespread fear of communism. But in 1929 problems of the economy and unemployment were already rising and in October the Wall Street Crash was to lead to policies of ‘Austerity’ across the the USA and Europe that further crashed the economy leading to the great depression. Labour fought a ‘change’ campaign and won the most seats in the Commons for the first time ever but failed to get an overall majority.

Only in the USA was a Keynsian attempt to refloat the economy undertaken with Roosevelt’s, New Deal, which meant that by the outbreak of  WW2 in 1939 the USA was the healthiest economy in the world.

Sacrifice Poster


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