The Doctors Strike Is The Miners Strike Of The Professional Middle-Class.

We need the TUC and the Labour Party to back the Doctors.

This is the Miners Strike of the professional middle-classes. Thatcher snatched any vestige of workplace autonomy from the working class in the ’80’s and now Cameron has moved onto the professional middle-classes. What many of the traditional Tory members of the professional middle-classes (Doctors, teachers, lecturers, academics, lawyers, engineers, scientists etc) didn’t realise in the ’80’s is that the neoliberal version of capitalism called Thatcherism, views them as merely very highly qualified workers and that the power represented by their professional autonomy arising from their expertise, has to be broken in order to privatise and commercialise all the services they provide.

Neoliberalism has led to the ‘corporatisation’ of all walks of life, with professional managers who are prepared to implement neoliberalism being the only ones granted status or wealth. Almost all of the professional middle-class roles have ethical codes of practice that are based on social ideas of integrity, impartiality and service. These codes and the ethical mindset of the professionals committed to them, are a barrier to the neoliberal conception of managerialist efficiency and it is absolutely crucial to implementing the final neoliberal solution that the power of the professions has to be broken.

Teachers, lecturers and academics have already been turned over. Lawyers and Doctors are still in the middle of the process. The only good thing about this is that it hopefully illustrates to the professional middle-class that despite their perceived social status, as far as the 1% are concerned they really are just very highly qualified workers and must learn ‘to do as they are told’, just like everyone else.

Maybe the Doctors and Lawyers are waking up to the fact that they are part of the 99% and Hunt is determined to enforce the interests of the 1% over them.
If he wins we will take a massive step closer to the privatisation of the NHS.


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