At last the neoliberal era is over!

OMG!!! Imagine if the PLP had actually supported Corbyn!? Imagine if we actually had an ‘impartial’ BBC!? imagine if Brexit hadn’t split the Labour vote in the North?

One thing is clear. The neoliberal era is over. I wasn’t ever sure I would live to see it. I left University in June ’79 a month after Thatcher won for the first time. I’m now 60. Its taken a long, long time for the awful lived reality of neoliberalism to counteract the overwhelming and dominating pro-capital media propoganda. But at least for today the neoliberal Emperor’s lack of clothing has become visible to at least half the country.

What happens next isn’t written and the fight must go on. If, and it is a big if, Corbyn has the physical strength to carry on until the next election, and it clearly won’t be 5 years away, then he would stand a very good chance of winning.BUT make no mistake the forces of reaction will move up a gear now and the level of vitriol against Corbyn and the Left will become even more viscous. The wealth and status of the ruling elite are now genuinely threatened for the first time since since 1979 and they will fight, fight, fight.

On a less millenarian note the ‘New’ Labour era is also finished. For the first time since ’83 we have a Labour Party putting forward a genuine alternative to Toryism. The ‘unelectable’ argument regarding certain political views is no longer credible, at least in the immediate short term, so hopefully those of us in the Labour Party can now move on to actually discussing the issues on their own merit without constantly having discussion closed down by the ‘unelectable’ trope.

And finally this election yet again illustrates the almost complete moral and indeed functional failure of our media and the commentariat. Journalists and commentators have entirely lost touch with what is going on in the country and the actual political, social and economic forces that are now acting in the country.
Anyway, what a great morning. Everything to fight for and hope rekindled.


One response to “At last the neoliberal era is over!

  1. We must also see an end to the catastrophic policies justified on the grounds of ‘austerity’. I’ve seen from the inside the disastrous impact of cuts on the Courts service and the criminal justice system in general over the past 7 years and this has got to stop.

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