Mechanics Of Anti-Semitism Witch Hunt Revealed

So the Daily Mail online went for it. A ludicrous “Lovejoy star is anti-Semite” load of old bollox.

But the article does reveal what is actually going on here. Which is that Jason Fojtik a candidate for the Clopton Ward of Stratford Upon Avon District Council… I know, I Know…  is cynically invoking the memory of the six million who died in the Nazi Holocaust to score petty local political points.

The journalist who fabricated the article for The Mail admitted to me on the phone that the story was fed to him by someone from Stratford Upon Avon… and low and behold guess who features prominently in the article? You guessed it, Mr Jason Fojtik. Even though I am not standing in his Ward and he has nothing to do with the Ward I am standing in. This is a cheap political stunt aimed to add fuel to the anti-Corbyn flames and bring publicity to Mr Fojtik who will be fighting his campaign in Clopton without the support of the Labour Party… because he resigned from the Labour Party at 4 pm on the deadline day without giving us enough notice to put up a Labour candidate! And now it appears he is complicit in colluding with one of the most right wing newspapers in the UK to destroy the reputation of innocent men and women.

I joined the Labour Party in September 2015 on the day Corbyn was first elected as leader. (I had very briefly been a non-active member in the early 80’s). I discovered that the local Stratford CLP was basically run by a man called Jeff Kenner. I heard nothing from the local party that Autumn and eventually I emailed Mr Kenner expressing my enthusiasm for the party and my willingness to help in any way could. Mr Kenner very curtly replied that he didn’t need my help, thank you very much. I was quite astounded by this blunt kiss off but soon discovered this was going to be only the start of a very, very long journey into the cynical dishonesty of the Blairite loyalists in Stratford CLP.

I was eventually to discover that there had not been a CLP AGM for at least 4 years, that branch meetings were sometimes 2 years apart and that there were literally no members of the CLP Exec Committee except Mr Kenner and his wife and there hadn’t been for several years. It seemed Mr Kenner ran the CLP as his own private fiefdom. Indeed, when Corbyn was elected leader Mr Kenner unfriended anyone who had supported Corbyn at the hustings meeting from the CLP FB page!

I was subsequently to discover that there had been at least 4 formal complaints submitted to Region against Mr Kenner for bullying and breach of party rules and that the West Midlands Regional Office had failed to even acknowledge these formal complaints let alone investigate them.

A few of us were so desperate to try to break through this ‘Kenner tyranny’ that we ended up forming the South Warwickshire Momentum group. By the way this Momentum group immediately found a constituency even in leafy South Warwickshire and we met once a month and would regularly have 50 people attending and on one occasion over a 100. Through this group (now disbanded) we managed to organise in the Stratford CLP and to eventually force Mr Kenner to call a CLP AGM, the first in 5 years. At the AGM a new more pro-Corbyn Exec was elected and the CLP started to operate on a more normal basis.

Now I cannot know how resentful Mr Kenner is that his tyrannous regime was brought to such an end except that he did subsequently resign from the LP and expressed his support for TIG… and I have been told that he is, of course, Mr Jason Fojtik’s Election Agent! (I haven’t verified that so forgive me Mr Kenner if that is incorrect)

Is it starting to make sense now?

I feel very, very sorry for Mr Jason Fojtik. I assume he was once a decent man motivated by the highest ideals. Now unfortunately he has sunk so low he is willing to try to ruin the reputation of an old man simply to pursue the bitter revenge narrative of his psychopathic one time mentor and election agent(?).

To clarify some points. The article says:

‘The party has known about his (i.e. me Chris Jury) views for years.’

I’ve only been a member of the party since September 2015! And outside Stratford Upon Avon ‘the Party’ isn’t even aware I exist and certainly wasn’t before I joined. I can only assume these ‘views’ of which he speaks are those in which I have expressed support for the Palestinian cause? Because I have never made an anti-Semetic statement in my life, publicly or otherwise… unless you regard criticising the actions of the government of Israel as being anti-semetic? I do not challenge the right of Israel to exist even as a Jewish state I simply think that especially in light of the Holocaust, the government of the state of Israel has a moral duty to take due regard for the people who were displaced from Palestine, as it was then known, when Israel was formed in 1948. Is that anti-semetic?

 ‘Chris Jury is not somebody I would care to share a room with…’

Except he did! We had a very cordial meeting in Costa in Stratford Upon Avon on 19th January 2018 as I desperately tried to find a way to bring the different sides of the party together. I also met with Alistair Nealon a close ally of Mr Fojtik and spoke on the phone at length to Cat Parrot, another of his close supporters,  in a genuine attempt to try to find a way through for the Labour Party locally. As a politically inexperienced member my assumption was there must be a way that we could reconcile the Corbynistas with the Blairite old guard. Wow, I was spectacularly wrong on that one as this vicious and mendacious article in the Mail illustrates.

For example in the article it says that Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism said:

 ‘Chris Jury has built a political career on the promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in keeping with Moseley’s Blackshirts of the 1930s.  His poisonous attitudes have no place in British society and should have no place in any respectable political party. He needs to be thrown out of Labour.’

Except I don’t have a political career! I never have had. Indeed, I was never particularly involved in the Palestinian cause until I joined the Labour Party and started to witness this cynical, McCarthyite witch hunt. This quote from Euan Philips is clearly a ‘cut and paste’ response. He clearly has no idea who I am or what the accusations against me are. This quote more than anything reveals the cynical dishonesty at the heart of all this. And I hope I don’t need to point out that the Daily Mail was the only British newspaper that did actually support Moseley’s Blackshirts in the 1930s!!!!!!

In the article I am quoted as saying that:

“70 years after the defeat of the Nazis their racist, colonial, Eurocentric, moral degeneracy is still playing out in the Middle-East.”

In this quote I am NOT comparing Israel to the Nazis! The point I am making is that the consequences of WW2 and the Holocaust are still playing out in the Middle East.  After the Nazis the moral case for the formation of a Jewish Israel was unassailable, and in my view still is, yet this has had huge consequences for both Jews and Palestinians and indeed the wider Middle East. EVERYONE acknowledges that peace and stability across the Middle East is difficult to achieve without first resolving the plight of the Palestinians. This is simply a historical observation and contains literally NO anti-Semetic content, indeed this is not a comment on Israel or the Jewish people at all, it is a comment on the unpredictable outcomes of the forces of history.

I hope people close to me can now see how this works? The piece in the Daily Mail is simply a profoundly dishonest piece of propaganda and this shows that the political elite and commentariat of this country will go to any lengths at all to stop a Corbyn election victory.

Don’t mourn. Organise!


About I Am Not A Number

I Am Not A Number is written by Chris Jury. For 30 years Chris Jury was a TV actor, director and writer best known for playing Eric Catchpole in over 60 episodes of the BBC’s antique classic, Lovejoy, and for directing over 50 episodes of Eastenders. In 2008 he was appointed as the Senior Lecturer in Recorded Media in the School Of Music & Performing Arts at Bath Spa University. He currently presents, Agitpop, a pop & politics radio discussion programme on North Cotswold Community Radio He is currently the Communications Officer for UCU at Bath Spa University and a UCU SW Regional Rep at SWTUC.
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5 Responses to Mechanics Of Anti-Semitism Witch Hunt Revealed

  1. moelarrythecheese says:

    right on! great publicity – dude you’re on your way to the Big Time!


  2. Sean Will says:

    It seems like its the right wing media driving this with the blairite members providing the ammunition.

  3. David Rose says:

    Very good reading Chris – keep strong.

  4. Patricia Campbell says:

    I’m sickened but not surprised by the right-wing press. We know the truth and you’ve been honest and certainly NOT Anti-Semitic.

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