Proud to be a Corbynista

So democratic socialism is defeated for at least another generation. Brexit will be ignored and the right will paint this as a failure of the Left. Just as the presence of the SDP has been forgotten in the history of the 8O’s.

The figures are clear. It is Brexit and specifically the role of the Brexit Party that has delivered the Tory landslide and that shifting Labour to an

increasingly Remain position since 2017 has been disastrous. Something many of us have been warning of since the Referendum result.

But none of this will matter to the centrist Remainers who hated Corbyn. The story will be that it is ‘the Left’ who were the problem and that ‘never again’ can a left slate be put forward by a Labour Party.

And maybe they are correct. Maybe the billionaires media will never allow a party advocating what was once regarded as moderate social democratic policies to ever again be elected in the U.K. Maybe it is true that sufficient numbers of the English have become xenophobes and ultra-competitive ‘dog eat dog’, look after your own and screw everyone else, capitalists, and that only a pro-US, pro-capitalist, anti-European, nationalist government can ever be elected in England. Maybe that is so. In which case the career politicians of the LP will do whatever it takes to get elected and good luck to them, I hope they will be able to at least mitigate some of the terrible human suffering that will inevitably result from this new nationalist, neoliberalToryism.

For myself I am proud of the political, social and moral values of compassion, equality and freedom that I stand for. My own values are all I can live by. They have been forged through the lived reality of mental illness, addiction and failure and informed by a lifetime of research, reading and thought. I know where I stand and why.

Thus regardless of this devastating election result I am proud to stand against the brutal sociopathic power of corporate capitalism. I am proud to stand in opposition to the managerialist totalitarianism of the contemporary work place. I am proud to stand against the bureaucratic abuse of state power. I am proud to stand beside the oppressed and brutalised of the world whether that be in the UK, USA, Myanmar or Palestine. I am proud to stand in unity with the all the queers, queens, lesbos, blacks, Asians, Jews, Poles, eccentrics, odd balls, addicts and nutters of England and in opposition to the unthinking, intransigent, domination of a neurotypical ‘normality’ which actually only exists in TV adverts and yet which we must all abide by or be excluded, shamed and ridiculed.

I am proud to have stood by Corbyn in pursuit of those values and to have stood against the cynical moral corruption at the heart of the Labour Party machine.

I will proudly fight with my comrades in defiant opposition to the oncoming destruction of what is left of the Welfare State and the purposeful transformation of the NHS into a profit-making machine for already rich people.

Perhaps this struggle is hopeless, perhaps I am in an increasingly alienated minority, perhaps the political, social and moral values I believe in will never again receive popular support in England. Perhaps so but they are my values and I am proud to stand by them even in the face of such an overwhelming defeat. In solidarity.

About I Am Not A Number

I Am Not A Number is written by Chris Jury. For 30 years Chris Jury was a TV actor, director and writer best known for playing Eric Catchpole in over 60 episodes of the BBC’s antique classic, Lovejoy, and for directing over 50 episodes of Eastenders.
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1 Response to Proud to be a Corbynista

  1. Bill Malcolm says:

    Good for you.

    From afar across the North Atlantic in Canada, and having read your travails with the Labour Party machinery of leftover Blairites who tried to shop you, it was no surprise to me that they didn’t back up Corbyn against anti-semitic charges of utter nonsense. They’d rather lose the elecion than have Corbyn upset their placid life of pulling strings behind closed doors as Tory Lite neolibs.

    I was born in England, haven’t got a clue why those Northerners switched and voted for Johnson. Shooting oneself in both feet seems a popular sport in the country these days. And not just in England.

    One still has to remember what we call here the First Past The Post system, gave the Tories only 43.6 % of the votes ((less than the actual referendum vote)) but the majority of the seats to turn the UK into a Brexit future nonentity of a right wing nightmare. Complete with genuine zombies like Rees-Mogg running around instead of being confined to a zoo as any sane person would ordain.

    So you’re f*cked as a country. Scotland ain’t hanging around, and Northern Ireland will go too when things become only too obvious, leaving just the Welsh to put up with the English.

    The same right wing phenomenon is happening here as well. People are generally stupid, so one wonders if it’s worth trying to educate minds that seem as thick as two planks and have zero knowledge of history. Without much enthusiasm, I keep trying.

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