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Why The BBC Pisses Everyone Off!

I’ve been thinking about the fact that the right wing regard the BBC as a hotbed of lefty intellectuals and the left regard it is a toadying propaganda tool of neoliberalism. Some say this indicates the BBC must be doing something right because it offends both sides. But I don’t buy that. Continue reading


Why The British Left Must Defend The BBC

11990440_1640492809532611_1240830817248301211_nThe new BBC 10 year Charter is scheduled to be in place by end of 2016. As part of the negotiations for this Charter renewal it was announced in July that the BBC had agreed to take on the £600-750 million cost of providing the over-75’s with free TV Licences. Thus the BBC Director General, Tony Hall, has in effect agreed to a 20% cut in BBC spending over the 10 years of the Charter (the BBC line is that it is actually only a 10% cut.) – while allowing the government to pretend they are continuing to support the BBC by increasing the licence fee in line with inflation. Continue reading

Oh, What A Night!


Monday 14th Sep was the night of the first public outing of my new play, Nadya, about Stalin’s wife… and what a night it was.

A packed house of friends, family and industry folk responded with effusive enthusiasm for both the play and the magnificent reading by the distinguished cast. Continue reading

Clarkson? It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

So, foul-mouthed , right-wing, racist TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has threatened to sue the BBC if they try and sack him for hitting a BBC producer.

Not only that, a million people have supposedly signed a petition insisting the BBC keep him on screen. This is pretty baffling stuff; an inordinately rich and powerful man calls a subordinate, “a lazy Irish c*nt”, and throws a punch at him because the rich and powerful man’s dinner wasn’t ready, and a million British people perceive the rich and powerful man as the victim!? It beggars belief. Surely this is a classic example of what Karl Marx refereed to as ‘false consciousness’? Continue reading

Inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival A Huge Success!

The inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival has been a huge success with sell-out screenings of all the main festival films and indeed all the Small Axe radical short film competition screenings. The Vintage Mobile Cinema and the festival screenings created quite a buzz at the festival with many people coming to visit us and express their enthusiastic support for the festival despite not being able to get seats for screenings.

Pictures Of the Vintage Mobile Cinema in situ

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Continue reading

Some photo’s of the reading of my new play, Defiance, at The Space On The Isle Of Dogs.

Some photo’s of the rehearsed reading of my new play, Defiance, at The Space On The Isle Of Dogs.

By Chris Jury

John – David Schaal
Dr Hurst – Dominic Mafham
Green – Kevin Golding
Fletcher – Ediz Fehmi

Directed By John Fricker

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Defiance Poster The Space

Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

This is brilliant!

Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

adbustersadbusters flag