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Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

This is brilliant!

Adbuster – The Production Of Meaning (Over-consumption)

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Police attack on Senate House occupation: eyewitness account

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Dirty Wars Out On 29th Nov

On Friday, 29 November 2013, the Sundance award-winning documentary Dirty Wars, featuring the journalist Jeremy Scahill, releases in theaters across Britain, from BRITDOC Films ( and Picturehouse DOCS.Journalist Glenn Greenwald calls Dirty Wars “one of the most important political films of the last 20 years” with “remarkable, news-breaking revelations” and author John le Carré describes it as “gripping, compelling and totally convincing.” The New York Times named the film a Critics’ Pick and called it “utterly riveting.”

I’m proud to be a producer of this film, many years in the making, which has received critical acclaim in the United States as well as a wide theatrical US release this summer, on more than 150 screens.

In late November and early December, I’ll be joining Jeremy Scahill, a producer and writer of the film, as well as author of the bestselling book of the same name (Serpent’s Tail, May 2013), Brenda Coughlin, my corpoducer, and director and editor Rick Rowley, for a launch tour of the film. We’re also partnering with our allies at Reprieve UK and with other organizations, journalists, and advocates for the launch tour.

Tickets are now available for the theatrical run at Picturehouse Cinemas, starting with the premiere at the Ritzy Brixton on Friday, 29 November, with Jeremy there in person for an audience discussion after the showing. Brenda and I will be there, as well.

We’ll also be at other London venues and in theaters in Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Liverpool, Oxford, and York. We hope to add other theaters soon.

Information and tickets for the theatrical release can be found here:


Reporting on a US night raid gone wrong in an Afghan village, journalist Jeremy Scahill discovers a cover-up by an elite military unit. What follows is an international investigation into America’s expanding covert wars.

Watch the trailer:

“Gripping, compelling and totally convincing.” – John le Carré

One of the most important political films of the last 20 years.” – Glenn Greenwald

“Truly terrifying in tis implications.” – VICE

“Stylish.” – Empire (4 stars)

“Plays out like a classic conspiracy thriller following a trail of clues to the heart of darkness.” – TimeOut UK (4 stars)

Watch the trailer:
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Press Contact: Margaret PR
Elizabeth Benjamin, / 0207 923 2861

Sales Contact: Luke Moody
BRITDOC Foundation, / 0207 437 0308

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“All in this together” by the Doleanimators

There is a great little animated film here by and about unemployed people and the real experience of living on the dole – as opposed to the Daily Mail version of ‘money-for-nothing’ scroungers.

A work of genius!!!!!

And this my friends is a work of pure genius! See my own post On Swearing for a dryer but hopefully no less amusing philosophical discourse on the subject.


Tax The Billionaire – Tommy Sands

This is brilliant agitpop creative activism from Ireland!

Cartoon Politics

Watching the feature documentary, The Flaw, by David Sington, I was intrigued by the clips from the capitalist propaganda cartoon made by the U. S.Camber of Commerce in 1954 called, It’s Everybody’s Business. This was at the height of the Cold War and one can’t avoid the comparison with Soviet propaganda of the same period. The truth is there’s nothing in it. Both sides trying to instil in their citizens a belief in and loyalty to, the  prevailing political hegemony.

And then looking round YouTube I found this fabulous answer to, It’s everyone’s Business, in the form of a cartoon imagining of the text of the original Communist Manifesto. It’s fantastic!