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My review of Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation on the Culture Matters website.

My review of Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation on the Culture Matters website.


Only a week to go before first ever Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival!

It’s now only a week to go before the first ever Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival which kicks off on Friday 18th July at 20.00 with a screening of Michael Glawogger’s startling epic  Working Man’s Death.

There will be screenings all day Saturday and on Sunday morning there will be screenings and awards for the winners of the Small Axe Film Competition, judged by comedian Jeremy Hardy, film maker Leila Sansour and a living legend of UK broadcast documentary, Paul Watson. Continue reading

Bosses Are Psychopaths

This is a fabulous video from Amnesty which illustrates clearly why your boss is such a complete bastard.

There’s more info on this in the book, Snakes In Suits.

And a fabulous review of the current research into Corporate Psychopaths here.

America: The Land Of The Free…….Free to be barking bloody mad!

Here’s a picture of the Garden Of Eden from the Creation Museum near Petersburg, Kentucky. This commercially run ‘theme park’ presents a ‘scientific’ account of creation literally as it is described in The Bible, claiming that the earth is no more than 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs lived with men and were wiped out in the biblical flood, except of course those dinosaurs that Noah took onto the Ark.

This is U.S. capitalism and Christian fundamentalism combining in a beautiful synthesis! “Sure, we want to promote our Bronze Age creation myth as fact, while simultaneously trying to undermine the credibility of legitimate scientific inquiry, but, hell, we want to make a buck while we do it; it’s the American way. Yeeha!” Continue reading

Los Indignados

Los Indignados protests in Spain

The Scorpion And The Frog

On the 8th & 9th of October I attended the Rebellious Media Conference in London and saw the legendary Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert speak in person.

It was amazingly well organised by a team made up entirely of volunteers (I was one of them). There were 1200 tickets sold and it was inspiring to spend 2 days with such a diverse and committed group of people.

The sessions were stimulating and my head was left spinning (in a good way). Over the next few days I will be posting short sketches stimulated by some of the issues raised. Here’s the first:

The Scorpion & The Frog

Those of us on the Left are often ‘outraged’ by the behaviour of capitalist enterprises. We see the accumulation of profit regardless of human cost as a moral issue. But is this really a useful way of viewing the capitalist system? Continue reading

The NHS Is Not For Sale