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The Scorpion And The Frog

On the 8th & 9th of October I attended the Rebellious Media Conference in London and saw the legendary Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert speak in person.

It was amazingly well organised by a team made up entirely of volunteers (I was one of them). There were 1200 tickets sold and it was inspiring to spend 2 days with such a diverse and committed group of people.

The sessions were stimulating and my head was left spinning (in a good way). Over the next few days I will be posting short sketches stimulated by some of the issues raised. Here’s the first:

The Scorpion & The Frog

Those of us on the Left are often ‘outraged’ by the behaviour of capitalist enterprises. We see the accumulation of profit regardless of human cost as a moral issue. But is this really a useful way of viewing the capitalist system? Continue reading